My new beginning!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I made the decision at Christmas 2019 that I was going to leave the NHS after working there my entire physiotherapy career. It was a hard decision to make. I have worked with the best people. Leaving the team that I co-led was hard. I gave them notice that I would stay until the end of the financial year. At that time I was working part time in the NHS and part time in my business. Between both jobs I was just working too many hours. I didn’t have time for the things I wanted to do nor to spend time with my family or friends.

So I left just as Covid-19 struck. The best or worst timing?? Who knows! I have had the best rest although I filled it with running homework from my running club; team activities through the triathlon club; cycling through the local cycling club. I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my 48 years on this planet and I think the exercise helped me cope with going from non-stop working to almost zero. I was at home to support my family in the most unusual of circumstances.

I signed up to a business-coached course to help me develop my business in lockdown. I have had my business for 6 years but didn’t spend any time on developing it. Nor did I have much idea about how to. I am a therapist not a business guru or marketing strategist. I am not a pushy person and the hard sell makes me cringe to be honest. What the course made me do was take time to reflect on who I am, the kind of service I want to offer and the kind of people I want to work with. I am passionate about my job and empowering people so from this I decided I needed an up to date website that was mobile friendly that I could easily update.

So with the help of my tech savvy partner in life (my husband) I have a new website which I hope sells my vision. I am looking forward to updating the photos once I get my new uniforms and I can finally see my hairdresser! One of my best friends is an amazing photographer so I am looking forward to getting her on board for some more up-to-date images.

So here we are. My first blog on my new website, on my new journey, in this new world. Let’s see what happens...

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